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Desert Beauty Lab is a premier salon dedicated to enhancing the well-being and promoting the clean beauty of our clients. Our products speak for themselves, reflecting our commitment to integrity and excellence.

Essential Oil
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Getting a Haircut
Tanned Model

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Barefoot n' Velvet Pedicure

Step into summer bliss with our brand-new Barefoot n' Velvet Pedicure, the perfect remedy for those sun-soaked days. Immerse yourself in the finest natural, organic ingredients from FarmHouse Fresh—each product meticulously crafted to be paraben-free, sulfate-free, and vegan. Let go of aches, muscle pain, and yesterday's worries as you indulge in this luxurious, seasonal treat. With the Barefoot n' Velvet Pedicure, you can customize your treatment by selecting two of your favorite add-ons from the following options: Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Heated Eye Mask Cooling Eye Gel Gua Sha Massage Theragun Embrace the serenity and rejuvenation your feet deserve with the ultimate summertime pedicure experience.

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Leg Stretch

Sports 1


This new Pedicure is tailored to ATHLETES In Need of Muscle recovery
Unveiling our exclusive Sports Pedicure, meticulously designed for athletes' peak recovery. At its core is the groundbreaking Hyper Blade for precise muscle rejuvenation. In this unique experience, we introduce Therabody Smart Goggles—a visionary device that massages your temples, fostering a state of meditation and relaxation. Complemented by organic products like Coconut Beach Sugar Scrub, Honey Glaze Mask, and CBD Cream with Hemp Oil, this pedicure pampers your feet to perfection. With added therapies including Gua Sha, TheraGun, and hot stones, our personalized approach aims to set a new standard for athlete care, ensuring optimal performance and rejuvenation.
$150.00 /70mins

Flower Girl

Brightness in Bloom


Get bright skin with the signature stone crop collection from Eminence Organic Skincare. Start with stone crop gel wash with stone crop oxygenating fizzofoliant to exfoliate your skin to brighten and invigorate. It comes with a stone crop mask, nutrient rich serum and finished with vitamin A beta-carotene floral hydro jelly mask to revitalize and hydrate while we give a light massage to your hands with harvest green lotion.

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Long Hair

Advance Scalp Treatment

Coming soon...

Experience professional luxury with our advanced scalp and hair serum, meticulously formulated to fortify hair fibers and reduce breakage while restoring smoothness. Enjoy a comprehensive scalp examination, refreshing hair wash, customized aromatherapy deep relaxation, soothing heated eye mask, invigorating scalp and shoulder massage, and lavish hot towel treatment with hair steaming using only the best products. Take your hair care routine to extraordinary levels of refinement and luxury.

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