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Monthly Memberships

Become an exclusive  Lab Member!

Unlike other local salons, we offer convenient month-to-month memberships, so you’re never locked into a long term commitment. As an exclusive Lab Member, you will receive the lowest prices on DBL nail care services, facials, and lash services--also as you shop, you will receive discounted perks and referral rewards. You can sign up the same day and immediately start to reap the benefits.  Most services roll over to the next month so if you don’t utilize them, you never lose your benefits.

We know that you will love being a Lab Member, but you will also have the ease of mind of knowing that you can cancel at any time--you simply need to provide a 30-day written notice.

How Does It Work?

Select one of our four Lab memberships--once you are a Lab Member, you will receive all of the services customized under that membership.  You can book all of the services around your schedule throughout the month or come in and pamper yourself all at once. That is the beauty of it all--we are here to ensure that our Lab Members put their wellness first and foremost. 

Best of all, if life gets too busy and you can’t make time for your pedicure or any service for that matter, you have the benefit of rolling over the unused services to the following month. Your rollovers do not expire. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Recurring charge for a minimum of 4 months is required for each membership but you are still able to cancel-- cancellation requires a 30-day, advance-written notice any time after your first monthly payment has been made.

Enjoy These Benefits Every Month!

As an exclusive Lab Member, you will be able to choose one of the below memberships which will  include either Manicure and Pedicure and/or facial and lashes combos--all of which come with one of the below add-ons each month!

Memberships: About

Membership Benefits

  • Rollover each month

  • 3 month commitment

  • Be the first to know about private events, special promotions, and exclusive retail products.

  • You can gift (1) unused service to friends and/or family. Limited 1 per month. (Transfer fee 5.00)

  • 10% off retail

  • $10 services bonus when you refer a new member

Memberships: Welcome

Membership Packages

Sign up in store during your next visit!

Memberships: Products
French Manicure

Gel Addict

There is no denying it- you are a regular! The Lab membership includes:

(1) Gel Pure & Simple

(1) Gel Pure & Simple Pedicure

(2) Gel Removals

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