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We Are So Happy You Are Here

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Wellness is a necessity, not just for the body, but also for the mind



Giving back is at the heart of everything we do here at Desert Beauty Lab



Wellness for both the body, and the planet



You deserve a seamless & pleasant experience from beginning to end

About Desert Beauty Lab

Where Wellness is a Necessity

Desert Beauty Lab was founded on the principle of self care, organic wellness, and helping guests find their best self through natural beauty.

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Susan Salas

Our Founder

“My vision for Desert Beauty Lab embodies a vigorous culture of wellness that continually starts with self-care, love, and family. This represents my journey, my dream, and now my salon,” says Salas.

Each product in the salon was handpicked by Salas with quality and purity in mind.

Hailing from 16 years at Wynn Resorts Salon and Spa, Salas brings a high pedigree and incredible story to the new space. On the day she was due to sign a lease for the new space in early 2021, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout chemotherapy and radiation, Salas continued to work on her dream salon, with a renewed focus on the products used in each service. Just two weeks after a double mastectomy, Salas and her team opened Desert Beauty Lab.

“For as long as I can recall I’ve dreamed of opening my own salon. I was deterred from my life dreams because of others’ opinions of why it would never work out; as time went on, I also had three beautiful kids and life just became too busy,” says Salas. “Despite everything, I am still wholeheartedly grateful for the journey that brought me here and I am blessed to have a wonderful and amazing support system in my life.  I know that the turning point in life lead me to this new business venture that needed me as much as I needed it, and that my lifelong dream turned into my purpose in life.”

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